Christmas 2015

Merry Christmas to Friends, Family, HS Family, and Fans!
I hope everyone's Holidays are a time of family and joys. 

As a Christian, Christmas is the celebration of Jesus's birth and the gift that God has given to man.
Christmas is a time many reflect back on the year and to what God has provided.  My family has been blessed in so many ways, unfortunately human character often has us dwell on the negatives in our lives.  My wish for each one of you this Christmas is that you can find the blessings in your life. 

I know some of you are battling health, emotional, personal, and other issues in your lives, please know that there are people that truly care and would do whatever in their power to help you in any way.  Please don't try to battle alone; reach out to people so that they may be there in for you. 

For my own family, my Christmas wish is for health and happiness.

My hope for my babies is to find loving homes, such as most of you have provided for your fur babies. 

My prayers for myself are that I can always be positive and not dwell on things I cannot change. 

Enjoy your Holiday times, whatever they may be.  Family and friends are a precious gift that we often take for granted.

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