December 27

We spent most of the day taking the bathroom apart.  Dave took toilet out.  I helped him with the vanity.  I also took mirror, towel bars, shelf,  tp holder, shower door frame, and anything else screwed into the wall down.  Tomorrow the carpenter and plumber come to get the bathtub and floor out.  Then we will be ready for cement board to go in and then new tub.    We ordered a vanity and top on Saturday and it will be in sometime around January 15. 

We are hoping that the carpenter will put trim up in kitchen while he waits for the plumber to get things done. 

Busy day for my first official day off without Holiday activities or Dave wanting to do things.  My break list includes: Grooming dogs, getting puppies shots, work on tax receipts, boxing up the things Dana went through when she was here for Christmas.  I still need to start tomorrow by going to the bank.  I have checks to deposit, note to pay on, a wire to check on, and receipts from the remodel to take in.   

We are still having problems with the drains on the North side of the house.  Not sure why we are getting backed up water.  Dave has run three different snakes down the drains to clear them, but the problem persists.  The backed up water is causing the 1/2 bath drain pipes to drip, so they will need to be replaced.   Since the main bathroom is taken apart and the 1/2 bath is not back together yet, we are down to 1 toilet and a shower in the laundry room.  There is also a kitchen sized sink there too.  I may have to take the dirty dishes down to the laundry room to wash them if the drain lines don't get fixed soon! 

I so enjoy having hot water in the barn!  It makes cleaning easier and also more sanitary.  The new heater also keeps the barn nice and toasty. 


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