December 7, 2015

Just two more days of school and then I will be heading out with Fancy and Tater.  Looking forward to the time in Florida, even if it is just a quick trip.  Hope my babies do well at the show! 

Pip is now Elizabeth.  She will be leaving shortly before Christmas when her new dad comes to KC to pick her up. 

Dave is putting in the garbage disposal and hopefully the rest of the plumbing for the kitchen sink!  The appliances did not come on today's truck, so now they are saying the end of this week.  Might as well wait for the tile to be put in next week sometime. 

Christmas shopping is well underway.  Still have lots to buy, but it would help if I knew what to get!  The grand daughter is bought for.  She is the easy one!  Stocking stuffers are started, but I need more for them too.   Wonder if the house will be done enough to have Christmas here.  We may have to congregate in the kitchen!   So far the floor refinisher and the tile guy are both saying next week.  So much to do and I am going to be gone!  The bedroom needs to be emptied out, but where am I going to put stuff?  

The puppies are getting bigger and more active.  Nothing seems to stop Bella's babies.  They have learned to scale the little wall I put up so Bella could come and go.  Well, so do the puppies too! 


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