Tomorrow Elizabeth, AKA Pip, leaves.  I meet her new dad in Kansas City.  She will be such a spoiled girl!

Midi's adoption is still pending the deposit's arrival.  Bella will have someone come meet her in January.  Nique will be leaving the end of January. 

Baby, Tommy, Timmy, and the girl puppy that I haven't name yet are all still looking for homes.  Tommy and Timmy will be ready to leave in about 3-4 weeks.  Baby could leave now if you have her spayed, or in a couple of weeks if I have it done.  The little girl is just 6 1/2 weeks old, so she will be ready in February. 

Refrigerator is now in the kitchen again!  Slowly gaining, but it always seems to be something. 

Went to wash Elizabeth in the tub in the barn, since we now have hot water.  The new to me tub leaks!  I scraped all of the caulking off, so I can reseal it when it dries up.  It was nice to use a big dog sized tub.  No stooping, plenty of room, so I did not get that wet.  I was going to wash more dogs, but the floor was already soaked.  So looking forward to break! 

Debating whether to go to the dog show in Denver that is coming up in February.  Only one show, so not sure if I want to drive 8+ hours for one show.  On the other hand, I would like for Dreamer to get his last needed point for his CM.  Of course there is no guarantee that he will get any points. 

After we leave Elizabeth with her new dad, we will finish up our Christmas shopping.  I am sure the stores will be crazy busy!  We also need to get a toilet for the bathroom remodel.  Tub is in the garage waiting installation.  We still have not bought a new vanity or counter for the main bathroom. 

Just a few days now until I have almost 2 weeks off. 


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