January 14

This week has flown by.  I need to get serious about finding the boys their forever homes.  They are so playful right now, that just being around them makes me smile. 

Last Friday was a hard day and very draining.  The kids did such a wonderful job planning the service.  I pray that the Lord spares us from this heartache again and that tiny Beckett is safe in his arms waiting to meet his family when we arrive at the pearly gates.

I need to get some vet things scheduled.  Bruno needs teeth pulled already.  Kisses needs her final shots.  The older pups need their booster and Bit needs her fist shot.  I also need to get Monique's spay scheduled, even though she is still nursing I would like to have a date reserved. 

Dana and Richard will be coming up this weekend.  Richard is going to put in our tiled backsplash.  Then the kitchen will be officially DONE!  The bathroom is still in limbo.  tub is in, but onyx surround is not even in yet.  Tile will go in next week, I hope.  Then the hardwood floor will finish it all off!  I keep thinking 2 more weeks, but that does not seem to be anyone else's time frame.

I received my show trolley today.  I ordered it when I was in Florida.  It is a combination Christmas and birthday gift to myself for several years to come.  It will make showing multiple dogs so much easier.  It has a grooming table top and then 4 pens, all on wheels.  I can push it right up to the ring and each dog will be able to have its own compartment to not get bows chewed on while we wait.  It also mean that I don't have to take several crates with me to keep dogs in. 

Friday!  then in-service on Monday.  January is half over already.  I need to decide if I am going to Colorado in February to the dog show. It would just be a quick trip there and back with only one show. 

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